Grenadines Yacht Charter Itinerary. Spots You Can’t Miss


See the map below to find a Grenadines Yacht Charter Itinerary: 


Day 1 – St. Vincent to Bequia - 6 nautical miles 

Start you Grenadines yacht charter itinerary sailing off from Blue Lagoon St. Vincent to the exclusive Bequia Island. This island is perfect for your first day on vacations. The port welcomes you with shops, restaurants and island flair, must stop at Sugar Reef Café. You may relax and enjoy beautiful sandy beaches, or adventure yourself into several wrecks and shallow caves for snorkeling.  It is not unusual to see turtles, lobsters, eels and many kinds of fish when diving around Bequia.


Bequia, St. Vincent - Photo by @martinkrulltott. Used with permission.


Day 2 – Bequia to Mustique - 8 nautical miles.

A laidback sail to Mustique in the Caribbean yacht charter on an 8 miles sail aboard the boat. At the exclusive Island of Mustique, a handful of luxury shops and restaurants await onshore. Head over to the World famous Basil’s Bar or to the Firefly Restaurant for cocktails and dinner.


Mustique Island. Photo by @simondolanreal. Used with permission.


Day 3 – Mustique to Tobago Cays - 18 nautical miles.

Set sail south to the Tobago Cays, one of the most breathtaking anchorages in the world. This paradise with turquoise and crystal greenish waters is the perfect spot for snorkeling and swimming. At sunset dine aboard or at the beach under the stars.


Tobago Cays. Photo by @martinkrulltott. Used with permission.


Day 4 – Tobago Cays to Mayreau - 2 nautical miles.

A 2 miles sail to the smallest inhabited island in the Grenadines. A white sand beach inside a well-protected harbor makes it a divine place for your yacht to anchor and you to just simply relax.


Mayreau, Grenadines. Photo by @martinkrulltott. Used with permission.


Day 5 – Mayreau to Chatham Bay - 4 nautical miles.

Continuing on the Grenadines yacht charter itinerary on the 5th day take a downwind sail to Chatham Bay. This Island is excellent for snorkeling and walking ashore. For dinner enjoy local food at the Sun, Beach and Eat Bar.


Chatham Bay, Union Island. Photo by @martinkrulltott. Used with permission.


Day 6 – Chatham Bay to Petit St. Vincent - 6 nautical miles.

Sail to Petit St. Vincent. This island offers a tropical paradise to hike. After walking take a relaxing swim or snorkeling and grab a bite at the Palm Beach Restaurant on Petite Martinique.


Petit St. Vincent. Photo by @marvin_level99. Used with permission.


Day 7 – Petit St. Vincent to Carriacou - 5 nautical miles.

A little more than an hour abroad and you’ll be standing at the idyllically white sandy beaches at Carriacou. It is a very interesting site for snorkelers and scuba divers, while swimmers can enjoy a relaxing time on the beach. Dinner abroad or go a short distance round to Tyrell Bay where you can enjoy excellent restaurants and bars.


Carriacou, Grenada. Photo by @martinkrulltott. Used with permission.


Day 8 – Carriacou to St. George’s - 42 nautical miles.

On arrival at St. George’s visit the shops and restaurants in the bustling capital, take a tour of the working Belmont Estate cocoa plantation, or a hike through the Grand Etang Rainforest for a refreshing swim in the fresh waters of St. Margaret’s Falls.


St. George's, Grenada. Photo by @karolinasayapina. Used with permission.


Once in St. George’s there are easy transfers from St. George’s Harbor to Grenada’s Airport. If your flight departs on the afternoon spend a relaxing morning aboard your Caribbean yacht charter or shopping for souvenirs at St. George’s.


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