Bahamas Crewed Yacht Charter Itineraries

Bahamas Yacht Charter Itinerary, 8 Days in Exumas

We present you our recommended Bahamas Yacht Charter itinerary for 8 Days in Exumas! This popular yacht charter destination offers countless of islands to explore. Apart from the most popular beaches, we present you a part where ship’s don’t go, the Exumas, where you can enjoy your privacy in crystal clear waters. Start the trip meeting your crew and enjoying a welcome drink or snack and get familiar with your home for the next few days.

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Abaco Yacht Charter Itinerary You Can’t Miss – A Great Bahamas Destination!

The Bahamas is a worldwide destination for people looking for intimate paradise in the Atlantic Ocean. In this group of thousands of islands, you will see some of the most spectacular and breathtaking views in the world, where culture is combined with beaches, sea and marine life in barrier reefs; that make unique picturesque colonial towns. Great Abaco Island is surrounded by a group of smaller islands and together they make this place a must to visit. And what better way to do it that in a charter yacht? You will enjoy beaches and snorkeling, under the water walls of corals and schools of tropical fish. Here we present you our recommended Abaco Yacht Charter Itinerary, but remember that your trip always is 100% up to you!

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