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Best St. Martin Snorkeling Spots for Your Next Yacht Charter!

We present to you the bests St. Martin snorkeling spots you can’t miss on your next yacht charter! The underwater paradise is accessible from any of St. Martin’s beaches with a snorkel and a mask. You can even enjoy the sandy sea floor of the Nature Reserve (Tintamarre and Pinel Island), with diverse species of fish.

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St. Martin Best Beaches You Can’t Miss On Your Next Charter

If you are planning to sail in St. Martin during your next yacht charter and you are looking forward to visiting great beaches, you will not be disappointed. With over 36 beaches in 70 kilometers of coastline between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, this magical island has wonderful seascapes to offer. Each of St. Martin beaches is unique and reflects the rich diversity of the island. Either if you are looking for water sports (diving, snorkeling, surfing), a party atmosphere, or have a relaxing time under the sun, you will find the perfect beach for you.

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St. Martin Yacht Charter Itinerary – Discover It!

Embrace the adventure that your Caribbean yacht charter has for you at the amazing St. Martin Island. Explore the scenes of magnificent landscapes, dive into turquoise waters where colorful fish, incredible caves and coral await and sail into the hidden bays. From white sands beaches with lively sea to remote deserts of sand, this island has it all to be enjoyed. This St Martin yacht charter itinerary offers a way to see the most of the Leeward Islands, however itineraries are totally up to each one.

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