St. Martin Yacht Charter Itinerary – Discover It!


See the map for the St. Martin yacht charter itinerary below:


Day 1  Dutch St. Martin

Arriving at the International Airport of St. Martin and find along the larger Yachts in the world your amazing Yacht at Simpsons Bay. Start your trip relaxing on the beach or shopping ashore, you decide what best suits you.


St. Maarten Airport. Photo by @gusmilossi. Used with permission.


Day 2 – Dutch St. Martin to Anguilla - 6 nautical miles.

Leaving Simpsons Bay you get to Anguilla. Protected as a marine reserve, this layback Caribbean island is known for its incredible scuba diving, swimming, and snorkeling. Moreover, the restaurants ashore provide a unique culinary experience.

Travel by kind smaller islands such as Prickly Pear Cays, part of Anguilla’s Marine Park. These small islands are a great spot to stop for lunch aboard, snorkeling on the reef and having a swim. Seabirds nest on the cliffs and the white sand beaches and crystalline water is dazzling.


Shoal Bay East, Anguilla. Photo by @ericgolda. ​Used with permission.


Day 3 – Anguilla to French St. Martin - 12 nautical miles.

After sailing through the Caribbean Sea, you will get to Grand Case, located on the French side of the island.  Here you have amazing snorkeling spots. Nearby find Marigot Bay an exquisite place adorned with colonial houses, beautiful cafes and bistros, pastry shops and luxury boutiques. Make sure you sample fine restaurants and shops, whilst you walk through the delightful streets.


St Maarten, photo by @gusmilossi. ​Used with permission.


Day 4 – French St. Martin to Ile Fourchue - 10 nautical miles.

Sail off to discover the peaceful Ile Fourchue, enjoy its privacy and protected bay which has very little development onshore. Known for its tranquil waters, it is almost mandatory to take a swim or snorkel. Relax onboard by sunbathing or taking a long nap.


Ile Fourchue. Photo by @joshuapennell. ​Used with permission.


Day 5 – Ile Fourchue to St. Barth’s - 5 nautical miles

Anchor at Gustavia Harbour and find the charming and trendy waterfront town.  St. Barts is known as one of the chicest island towns. Jewelry shops and French boutiques invite you to get tempted and shop the nicest things. Likewise, you may stop for a glass of wine and mingle with yachters from all around the world.


Port of Gustavia, St. Barth. Photo by @gusmilossi. ​Used with permission.


Day 6 – St. Barth’s to Nevis or St. Kitts - 37 nautical miles

Sailing an open-water passage leads to the stunning St. Kitts and the port of Basseterre. The variety of architecture of the old town district, quiet squares, and excellent restaurants make the path unforgettable. Touring St. Kitts by taxi or renting a car is highly recommended. You may explore the sugarcane plantations, the mountains, and rainforest, which are excellent as guided hiking adventures. Golfers may enjoy Nevis, the 18-hole course at the Four Seasons, designed by Robert Trent Jones.


The amazing island of Nevis is just a short sail from St. Kitts.  Because of its rainforests, it is abundant in wildlife and tropical plants. The port is Charlestown, a quiet, pleasant community with an interesting variety of restaurants, shops, and historic buildings. This is a nice place to visit.


St. Kitts & Nevis. Photo by @karolinasayapina. ​​Used with permission.


Day 7 – Nevis or St. Kitts to Dutch St. Martin - 44 nautical miles.

A downwind sail to the northwest guides you to Great Bay in Dutch St. Martin. After a while sailing and enjoying warm breezes you will arrive at a flourishing waterfront port with many interesting shops, excellent restaurants, casinos and lively nightlife. The beach boardwalk is lined with top quality restaurants well worth to have dinner.


Port St. Maarten. Photo by @gusmilossi. Used with permission.


Day 8 – St. Martin 

Finish this St Martin yacht charter itinerary by relaxing on the beach or enjoy water sports on your yacht charter before flying back home. The International airport is only 15 minutes from the Yacht Anchorage.


Mullet Bay, St. Maarten. Photo by @gusmilossi. Used with permission.


Hope you enjoyed the 8 day St Martin Yacht Charter itinerary.  Don’t forget to check out the recommended St Martin Best Beaches!

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