Mediterranean yacht charter vacations are a popular summer choice. The French Riviera, Monaco, Italy, Croatia, Sardinia, Spain and Greece are all fashionable destinations. Many of the large crewed superyachts are concentrated in those areas and this is also where you'll discover a huge array of alluring places and cultures to experience. 

The Med (as it is often shortened to) has everything a yacht charter vacation could look for. It is one of the largest sailing vacation areas in the world. The Mediterranean covers a large mix of countries, cultures, scenery and a rich diversity of places to visit. Many consider the Med as the embodiment of the yacht charter experience. The great advantage of the sailing in the Med is that they all are relatively close together, so you can create well planned and action-packed itineraries very conveniently. 

Europe has dozens of magnificent marinas filled with exquisite private super yachts and mega yachts that can be chartered. The region offers an amazing and unique combination of pleasant weather, beautiful locations, engaging history, rich cultures and delicious food as well as all the shops, restaurants, bars you could want to visit. The popularity of the Mediterranean means it has an unbelievable choice of private charter boats available, sailing yachts and motor yachts of all sizes and levels of luxury.

Mediterranean Yacht Charters


On a yacht charter in Greece, the idea of the perfect charter vacation becomes reality as you sail across a sparkling sea. It’s no wonder that the ancient gods chose to live here; it is after all, all you imagined a Grecian Odyssey would be. With delicious Greek food, drizzled with the best olive oil on the planet, and a new island every day, it’s heavenly bliss. 


More than 1000 islands off Croatia's famous Dalmatian Coast offer easy cruising and island hopping in the calm, clear blue waters of the Adriatic. More accomplished sailors can enjoy longer spells out on the open ocean and take part in regattas and other sailing events. Infrequent strong mistral winds provide more challenging conditions for those who have an appetite for more action-packed sailing.

Croatian sailing charter allows you to enjoy a Mediterranean paradise of turquoise seas, quiet, pretty islands and scenic port towns steeped in history, delicious fresh seafood and friendly locals. Natural coves and dramatic waterfalls, ancient forts and lush, green forests all lie waiting to be discovered along the country’s acclaimed Dalmatian Coast. 


Beautiful bays, ancient tombs carved high into cliffs, sunken remains of ancient civilizations, and deserted coves await your discovery. On a superyacht charter in Turkey you will be excited and captivated by an nautical odyssey that is certain to be remarkable in historic proportions. This peaceful cruise is like sailing with the winds, into coves and over the seas and becoming one with nature and is the ideal setting for a luxury yacht charter in Turkey.

Spain And The Balearics

Spain, with its glistening Balearic Islands, stunning architecture and peaceful citrus groves, has always been a spectacular yacht charter destination. With delectable food, cultural riches and crystal-clear anchorages, a Spanish yacht charter is a difficult proposal to oppose. The medieval villages nestled on the edge of the sparkling sea or sat high on mountain tops overlooking the coast make a yacht charter in Spain a truly memorable experience - one that combines breathtakingly natural beauty with superyacht allure.

Naples And Sicily

From the magnificent Amalfi Coast to the seas of Sardinia, the volcanic Aeolian Islands to the harsh landscape of Sicily, and the pastel coloured charm of Portofino to the attractive villages of Cinque Terre, a yacht charter in Italy is an opportunity of a lifetime. With so many delightful treasures to choose from it is no wonder that Italy is a preferred destination for a yacht charter in the Mediterranean. Enjoy the Dolce Vita on the Italian Riviera, the friendly Amalfi coast where warm hospitality and genuine local cuisine are plentiful. Alternatively, admire the wild and intense nature offered by Sicily and its volcanic panorama or be inspired by the sight of Venice appearing on the horizon.

French Riviera / Corsica / Sardinia

The French Riviera is the epitome of beauty and indulgence under the Mediterranean sun. With sensational natural beauty, elite superyacht marinas and the most stylish shopping and dining in the world, a France yacht charter is the absolute best way to enjoy this famous stretch of coastline. The Cote D’Azur includes chic resort towns and charming fishing villages and is one of the best locations for luxury private yacht charter in France. Guests can spend several days in the lovely Iles d’Hyeres or travel further along the coast to the luxurious principality.