Live a Life of Glitz and Glamour on a South of France and Italian Riviera Itinerary


Live your best life on a South of France and Italian Riviera yacht charter. Some of the most popular beaches, ritziest casinos, and steamiest nightclubs in the world are nestled in the French Riviera. It’s a region known as a playground for the very rich, due to its breathtaking coastline and world famous events like the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix. On the Italian side, culture takes center stage, with dozens of impressive museums, theater, and architectural sites to explore. While many of the destinations on this itinerary were former fishing villages, since the 50s and 60s they’ve become well traveled and modernized favorites for those looking for a little more luxury in their lives.

One of the reasons the French and Italian Riviera have remained popular holiday destinations, especially for those traveling by yacht, is the impeccably beautiful climate here. As part of the Mediterranean, temperatures remain warm into October, with very little rain, and become pleasant again in mid-Spring. As such, the sailing itself is a very pleasant part of the journey and also allows for swimming and watersports with your yacht as the base.


First Day: St. Tropez


Saint Tropez. Photo by @karolinasayapina. Used with permission.

There’s no better way to start off your glamorous South of France and Italian Riviera yacht charter itinerary than by lounging on the world-renowned Pampelonne Beach of St. Tropez. Sip a cocktail on the white sand at one of the private beach clubs like Club 55 or sunbathe alongside celebrities at Nikki Beach. Head into Old Town for charming shops and unique restaurants like the Auberge des Maures, an old favorite of Charlie Chaplin’s. However, glitzy St. Tropez’s greatest allure comes from its after hours activities. Nightclubs like the VIP Room or Caves du Roy will have you partying into the wee hours of the morning with the latest, hit DJ spinning among some of the most beautiful people you’ve ever seen.


Second Day: St. Tropez to Cannes - 25 nautical miles

  • Approximate Travel Time on a 20 Knot (fast) Motor Yacht: 1 hr 15 min


Cannes. Photo by @karolinasayapina. Used with permission.

World famous for its annual film festival, Cannes attracts the rich and famous year round with its exclusive spas, resorts, and beach clubs. A bustling hotspot of activity, Cannes has enjoyed the designation as a premiere yachting destination due to its gorgeous port and myriad of things to do. Although you can find plenty of shopping among the French and Italian Riviera, Cannes can’t be beat when it comes to luxury brands. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Dior can be found along the palm tree-lined Boulevard de la Croisette. Of course, if you’re going to shop high-end designers, you have to follow it with a high-end meal. Cannes has a number of Michelin starred restaurants like La Palme d’Or and L'Éponyme serving up decadent French cuisine at an equally decadent price.


Third Day: Cannes to Nice - 22 nautical miles

  • Approximate Travel Time on a 20 Knot (fast) Motor Yacht: 1 hr 15 min


Nice. Photo by @karolinasayapina. Used with permission.

Art lovers will take to Nice immediately as they have throughout history. Here you’ll find some of the finest museums in the French Riviera including the Musée Matisse and Musée Marc Chagall. Aesthetically, Nice resembles Miami Beach with its seaside promenade that stretches between pebble beaches and chic restaurants and resorts. Both tourists and locals alike walk or cycle this stretch of picturesque waterfront, the Promenade des Anglais. While you’ll find endless shopping in New Town department stores like the Galeries Lafayette, amid the Old Town you’ll feel a sense of the city’s authentic charm. Palaces, museums, theatres, and cemeteries are all crammed within a one mile radius, making Nice easily accessible and a pleasant stop on a South of France yacht itinerary.


Fourth Day: Nice to Monaco - 10 nautical miles

  • Approximate Travel Time on a 20 Knot (fast) Motor Yacht: 30 min.


Monte-Carlo, Monaco. Photo by @cheantonio84. Used with permission.

While Monaco certainly has a gorgeous coastline, it’s money that’s the real attraction here. One of the most magnificent casinos and entertainment complexes in the world, Casino de Monte-Carlo, is a must visit on your itinerary. Oogle the fabulous Beaux-Arts architecture or the dozens of high end and rare cars you’ll spot in valet. Even if gambling doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of luxury designer stores to spend on. Or if you feel like getting cultured, visit the onsite ballet or opera for a theatrical performance. In the evenings, you can either relax with some champagne or dance away your cares at a nightclub. If you arrive in May, you’ll also have the privilege of watching the Monaco Grand Prix, a prestigious car race that runs through the city itself. Once you’ve had a taste of the grand experience of Monaco, chances are you’ll find yourself coming back again and again.


Fifth Day: Monaco to Genoa - 80 nautical miles

  • Approximate Travel Time on a 20 Knot (fast) Motor Yacht: 4 hr


Genoa, Italy. Photo by Thanate Tan. CC BY-2.0.

Making your way into the Italian Riviera, you’ll begin with Genoa — one of the largest, albeit underrated, medieval cities in Europe. Gaze in awe down Via Garibaldi, a narrow street lined with palaces each with their own charm and distinction. Wander among cafes, museums, and markets to get a taste for the local Genoan culture. As the birthplace of pesto and famed for their salami, you can easily eat to your heart’s content through the city. It’s also a place to admire the religious art found among the dozens of churches and galleries in the city center. Particularly interesting are the striped cathedrals like the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, built during the Middle Ages and full of painted frescos and holy relics.


Sixth Day: Genoa to Portofino - 14 nautical miles

  • Approximate Travel Time on a 20 Knot (fast) Motor Yacht: 45 min.


Portofino. Photo by @alexandrajulierose. Used with permission.

Tiny Portofino is a breath of fresh air among the hustle and bustle of larger yacht ports. Relax and take a leisurely morning stroll among the port where fishing boats and mega yachts share moorings. Portofino has a charming restaurant scene, with plenty of outdoor seating and exquisitely presented dishes. Try the Caffè Restaurant Excelsior, a bistro with a romantic view of the port and a classy, lounge-like atmosphere. In terms of history, the medieval Castello Brown makes for a pleasant visit and is only a short, ten minutes walk from the main city square. You can also venture all the way to the tip of the peninsula where you’ll find a lighthouse with unrivaled views of the coast and even a small bar to further your enjoyment of the scenery.


Seventh Day: Portofino to Cinque Terre - 24 nautical miles

  • Approximate Travel Time on a 20 Knot (fast) Motor Yacht: 1 hr 15 min


Cinque Terre. Photo by @martinkrulltott. Used with permission.

From lovely Portofino, you’ll sail to the enchanting Cinque Terre, or “Five Lands,” a series of cliffside, coastal villages connected by train, hiking trail, or boat. Take in the colorful houses, citrus groves and vineyards, which give you a sense of the timelessness of this place. Local trattorias serve fresh fish, produce, and wine—all of which can be enjoyed indoors, on umbrellaed terraces, or even on the street. The picture perfect atmosphere here demands attention and it’s best enjoyed at a leisurely pace. From its rocky coves to its botanical gardens, Cinque Terre is best for lovers, or at the very least, lovers of life.


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