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Turkey Yacht Charter Itinerary: Bodrum to Gocek

8 days - 7 nights | 105 nautical miles
  • Day 1

    Bodrum to Karaada

    4 nautical miles
    Approximate travel time:
    19 minutes

    Begin your odyssey by setting sail from the picturesque town of Bodrum to Karaada, a gem nestled in the Bay of Bodrum. Known as "Black Island" in Turkish, Kara Ada exudes an irresistible charm, drawing yachters and history enthusiasts alike. Once under the dominion of the Knights of St. John Hospitaller and later the Ottoman Empire, this island is steeped in tales of conquest and resilience, waiting to be explored.

  • Day 2

    Karaada to Knidos

  • Day 3

    Knidos to Datca

  • Day 4

    Datca to Selimiye
    (Stops in: Maris Bay)

  • Day 5

    Selimiye to Bozburun
    (Stops in: Dirsekbuju)

  • Day 6

    Bozburun to Ekincik
    (Stops in: Bozukkale)

  • Day 7

    Ekincik to Bedri Rahmi Bay
    (Stops in: Cleopatra’s Bath)

  • Day 8

    Bedri Rahmi Bay to Gocek

Please note that the final route will be decided on board in coordination with the Captain, tailor made to your preferences and weather conditions at the time of the trip.

Best suited yachts for this itinerary

  • sailing

    Sailing Yachts:

    7 - 10 knots cruising speed.
  • displacement

    Displacement Yachts:

    10 - 14 knots cruising speed.
  • planing

    Planing Yachts:

    +20 knots cruising speed.

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