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Belize: Northern and Central Itinerary

8 days - 7 nights | 129 nautical miles
  • Day 1

    Old Belize Marina to Drowned Cays

    10 nautical miles
    Approximate travel time:
    30 minutes
    1 hour
    1h 25m

    The Drowned Cayes, a group of mangrove channels and islands, serve as the thriving birthplace for the aquatic marine life of Belize. These sanctuaries host pods of dolphins and manatees, along with an abundance of avian species including herons, egrets, occasional spoonbills, pelicans, frigates, cormorants, and more. Thanks to our sheltered anchorage and a labyrinth of channels and inlets, it's an ideal locale to explore via kayaking or paddle boarding, offering an intimate communion with nature's marvels. The vivid contrast between lush green mangroves and the azure waters amplifies the allure of the sunset, rendering it truly breathtaking.

  • Day 2

    Drowned Cays to Caye Caulker
    (Stops in: Gallow's Reef)

  • Day 3

    Caye Caulker to St George's Caye
    (Stops in: Caye Caulker Marine Reserve)

  • Day 4

    St George's Caye to Colson Caye

  • Day 5

    Colson Caye to Tobacco Caye

  • Day 6

    Tobacco Caye to Bluefield Range

  • Day 7

    Bluefield Range to Bannister Island
    (Stops in: Goff's Caye)

  • Day 8

    Bannister Island to Old Belize Marina

Please note that the final route will be decided on board in coordination with the Captain, tailor made to your preferences and weather conditions at the time of the trip.

Best suited yachts for this itinerary

  • sailing

    Sailing Yachts:

    7 - 10 knots cruising speed.
  • displacement

    Displacement Yachts:

    10 - 14 knots cruising speed.
  • planing

    Planing Yachts:

    +20 knots cruising speed.