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Grenadines Round Trip Itinerary

8 days - 7 nights | 103 nautical miles
  • Day 1

    St. Vincent to Bequia

    6 nautical miles
    Approximate travel time:
    20 minutes
    30 minutes
    50 minutes

    Arrive at Blue Lagoon Marina in St. Vincent at noon, where we will welcome you onboard. After the Captain’s brief about safety we will sail across the Island of Bequia, pronounced “Beck-way”. This island is perfect for your first day on vacation, with lots of fun restaurants and bars along the boardwalk on the water's edge. If you stop in Admiralty Bay, you can step back in time with a visit to Fort Hamilton, or experience local culture at the Easter Regatta.

    The waters surrounding Bequia have some of the best dive sites in the Caribbean for divers of all levels, including shallow reefs, caves, cliffs, and wrecks. It’s a great place to learn how to scuba dive, and the vibrant marine life will captivate the entire family.

  • Day 2

    Bequia to Mayreau

  • Day 3

    Mayreau to Tobago Cays

  • Day 4

    Tobago Cays to Chatham Bay

  • Day 5

    Chatham Bay to Clifton Harbour

  • Day 6

    Clifton Harbour to Petit St Vincent
    (Stops in: Palm Island)

  • Day 7

    Petit St. Vincent to Bequia

  • Day 8

    Bequia to St. Vincent

Please note that the final route will be decided on board in coordination with the Captain, tailor made to your preferences and weather conditions at the time of the trip.

Best suited yachts for this itinerary

  • sailing

    Sailing Yachts:

    7 - 10 knots cruising speed.
  • displacement

    Displacement Yachts:

    10 - 14 knots cruising speed.
  • planing

    Planing Yachts:

    +20 knots cruising speed.

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