Grenadines Itinerary

8 days - 7 nights | 91 nautical miles
  • 1st

    Day: St. Vincent to Bequia

    6 nautical miles
    Approximate travel time:
    20 minutes
    30 minutes
    50 minutes

    Start your Grenadines yacht charter itinerary sailing off from Blue Lagoon St. Vincent to the exclusive Bequia Island. This island is perfect for your first day on vacation. The port welcomes you with shops, restaurants, and island flair must stop at Sugar Reef Café. You may relax and enjoy beautiful sandy beaches, or adventure yourself into several wrecks and shallow caves for snorkeling.  It is not unusual to see turtles, lobsters, eels, and many kinds of fish when diving around Bequia.

  • 2nd

    Day: Bequia to Mustique

  • 3rd

    Day: Mustique to Tobago Cays

  • 4th

    Day: Tobago Cays to Mayreau

  • 5th

    Day: Mayreau to Chatham Bay

  • 6th

    Day: Chatham Bay to Petit St. Vincent

  • 7th

    Day: Petit St. Vincent to Carriacou

  • 8th

    Day: Carriacou to St. George’s

Please note that the final route will be decided on board in coordination with the Captain, tailor made to your preferences and weather conditions at the time of the trip.

Best suited yachts for this itinerary

  • sailing

    Sailing Yachts:

    7 - 10 knots cruising speed.
  • displacement

    Displacement Yachts:

    10 - 14 knots cruising speed.
  • planing

    Planing Yachts:

    +20 knots cruising speed.

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