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Yacht Charter Prices – All Inclusive vs Plus Expenses

by Sabrina Bullrich on Jan 04, 2017

Yacht Charter Prices – All Inclusive vs Plus Expenses

One of the first things you will notice as you start to plan your yacht charter vacation is not only the price of the yacht but what else is included with the rate. There are essentially two types of pricing that are standard throughout the industry: All Inclusive and Plus Expenses. Let’s take a closer look at each pricing type, when each is used, and what is included and what is not.

All Inclusive Charters

Typical pricing on sail and motor vessels up to approx. 65 ft in the Caribbean.

All Inclusive Pricing is typically how charters in the Caribbean are priced for sailing yachts up to 65-70 feet in length. Motor yachts and larger sailing vessels use “Plus Expenses” pricing. (See below.)

What’s Included?

All Inclusive yacht charter prices always include the use of the vessel and services of the crew: a professional licensed captain and personal chef. Depending on the size and level of accommodations, there may also be a first mate and/or stewardess. The price includes meals: breakfast, lunch, late afternoon appetizers, and dinner, all prepared according to your party’s preferences. The rate also includes beverages and purified water produced by the freshwater maker onboard. The bar is normally included in the rate unless specifically noted otherwise. The “ship’s bar” includes brands and labels the crew normally keep stocked for guests. Premium wines, champagne, and top-shelf spirits are available at cost. When you complete your Preference Sheet, you’ll be able to let the crew know exactly what items your group prefers. You can request a quote for premium items not included.

Other items covered by an all inclusive rate include the fuel for the yacht and dinghy, mooring fees, all expenses related to running the vessel, and use of on-board leisure and sports equipment. 

Cruising taxes & permits may or may not be included. 

What’s Not Included? 

  • The customary crew gratuity of 15-20%, adjusted up or down according to the level of service received, is not included in any charter rates.

  • Any other services, such as airport transfers and onshore excursions.

  • A delivery fee may apply if you wish to charter in another cruising area offered by the yacht other than their home port. For instance, a BVI-based yacht may offer charters in St. Martin and charge a delivery fee to reposition the boat there to cover the related costs.

Catamaran, photo by kansasphoto-1483565845.jpgCatamaran, photo by kansasphoto.

Half Board Meal Pricing

 A subset of All Inclusive Pricing, some yachts offer a reduced meal rate to allow guests to experience the local restaurants.  The standard half board rate includes 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 3 dinners. Typically, the all-inclusive rate is reduced by $150 - $200 per person per week for the Half Board meal plan.

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Plus Expenses Charters

Typical pricing for motor yachts and large sailing yachts in the Caribbean, and all yachts in the Mediterranean.

As with the All-Inclusive rate, the Plus Expenses rate includes the use of the vessel and services of the crew. However, all running expenses such as food, beverage & bar, fuel, dockage, permits & fees, and any other expenses for the charter, are priced separately and managed through the APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance).

The APA is an estimate based on typical expenses for the yacht and quoted as a percentage of the base charter rate (30%-40% for motor or 20%-30% for sail) and is the amount paid in advance to cover the expected (typical) expenses. The APA provides funds for the captain to purchase provisions, fuel, and supplies prior to the start of the charter. The captain keeps all receipts and a running balance of the account, so guests can review expenditures throughout the charter. Any amount not used is refunded to the guests at the end of the charter. If costs exceed the APA, then additional funds will be required prior to disembarkation.

Mega Yacht, photo-1483565936.jpgMega Yacht, photo by R HM.

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