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Top 10 Tips for Chartering with Children

by Federico Lopez on Apr 12, 2024

Top 10 Tips for Chartering with Children

Chartering a yacht with children can be an enriching and memorable experience for the whole family. However, it requires careful planning and consideration to ensure that both parents and children have an enjoyable time on board. From selecting the right boat to planning kid-friendly activities, here are ten essential tips to make your chartering experience with children a breeze.

1. Choosing the Best Boat:

When chartering with children, consider the size and layout of the yacht. Opt for a spacious vessel with multiple cabins to accommodate the needs of your family. Look for boats equipped with safety features such as childproof railings, secure cabin locks, and safety nets to prevent accidents. Additionally, inquire about amenities like strollers, high chairs, and cribs to ensure maximum comfort for your little ones during the voyage.

2. Selecting a Child-Friendly Crew:

The expertise of the crew can significantly impact your chartering experience with children, so ask your Yacht Charter Broker for crews with experience in hosting families with kids. A friendly and attentive crew can go the extra mile to ensure the safety and happiness of young passengers, providing personalized service and creating a welcoming environment for families.


Captain Caleb Haydock and Chef Adhika Malhotra from sailing catamaran HARMONY are a young, passionate, and warm crew - great for families with young children.

3. Safety and Comfort Issues:

Safety should always be a top priority when chartering with children. Before setting sail, conduct a thorough safety briefing for both parents and children, covering emergency procedures, designated safe areas, and proper use of safety equipment like life jackets and fire extinguishers. Additionally, create a designated child-friendly space on board equipped with comfortable seating, toys, and entertainment options to keep children occupied and content during the journey.

4. Planning a Kid-Friendly Itinerary:

Crafting a kid-friendly itinerary involves striking a balance between adventure and relaxation. Research family-friendly destinations and activities along your route, including beach outings, nature excursions, and cultural attractions that appeal to children's interests. Consider incorporating educational experiences such as wildlife encounters or historical tours to enrich their understanding of the world around them.


Bali 5.4 HYDROTHERAPY is another remarkable option for a child-friendly Yacht Charter in the Virgin Islands.

5. Planning Onboard Activities:

Keep children entertained during downtime with a variety of onboard activities tailored to their age and interests. Pack a selection of board games, puzzles, and coloring books to stimulate their minds and encourage creativity. Consider organizing themed scavenger hunts or treasure hunts around the yacht to foster teamwork and excitement among siblings and friends.

6. Choosing the Destination:

When selecting a charter destination, consider factors such as climate, local attractions, and ease of travel with children. Opt for destinations with mild weather conditions and calm waters suitable for family-friendly sailing. The Virgin Islands, for example, offer plenty for kids to explore and do, from pirate tours to beautiful beaches. From touring Medieval castles, to grotto tours, and of course, pizza, the Amalfi Coast provides many family-friendly adventures, especially for teens. Finally, The Bahamas might just be the world’s best kid-friendly yacht destination, with plenty of water sports and marine wildlife encounters.  

7. Considering Bringing a Nanny:

For families with young children or multiple siblings, hiring a nanny or childcare provider can alleviate parental stress and allow for moments of relaxation. When selecting a nanny, prioritize candidates with experience working with children in a maritime setting and who possess relevant certifications in childcare and first aid. Discuss expectations and responsibilities with the nanny in advance to ensure a smooth and seamless transition during the charter.

8. Slides and Other Water Inflatable Toys:

Enhance the fun factor of your chartering experience by choosing boats with water toys and inflatables for children to enjoy. Consider options such as water slides, inflatable rafts, and sea pools to encourage active play and exploration in the surrounding waters.


FUN AIR inflatable slides and water toys provide seamless entertainment for both children and adults.

9. Making Mealtime Magical:

Transform mealtime into a memorable experience by incorporating kid-friendly menu options in your Preference Sheet. Involve children in meal preparation by allowing them to assist with simple tasks like setting the table or assembling sandwiches. Ask for themed meals inspired by local cuisine or cultural traditions to ignite their culinary curiosity and encourage adventurous eating habits.

10. Asking Kids for Their Input:

Empower children by involving them in the planning process and soliciting their input on activities and destinations. Encourage them to share their preferences and desires, whether it's choosing a snorkeling spot or selecting a movie for onboard movie night. By actively involving children in decision-making, parents can foster a sense of ownership and excitement, ensuring a more enjoyable and fulfilling chartering experience for the entire family.

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