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Bahamas Beaches And Anchorages

on Mar 28, 2019

Bahamas Beaches And Anchorages

7 Beautiful Yacht Charter Beaches In The Bahamas You Should Definitely Visit During Your Trip.

The Bahamas is renowned for its outstanding Beaches. Crystal clear water, hundreds of islands and cays, and beautiful white (sometimes pink) sand make the Bahamian Beaches some of the most breathtaking in the world. These are our favorite 7 Beautiful Yacht Charter Beaches in the Bahamas you should definitely visit during your trip.

The weather in the Bahamas is one of the things that draws many people here from around the world. Average temperatures throughout the year range from 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an ideal place to get away from the colder weather in other parts of the world. It does experience some rainfall and tropical storms in the summer, but generally, the climate is very pleasant. The Bahamas is known for its pristine waters, snorkeling, beautiful beaches, and amazing sailing itineraries.

Beautiful Beaches & Anchorages In The Bahamas

1. Treasure Cay Beach (Abacos) 

A 3.5-mile stretch of soft, white sand and stunning turquoise waters. We can understand why it was voted one of the region’s top 10 beaches in a reader poll by Caribbean Travel & Life. And the best part? For such a renowned beach, there are rarely any crowds, so you will have plenty of space to yourself!

If you are up for a delicious drink or local exquisites, don’t miss Coco Beach Bar & Grill, just a few yards from the sea.

Treasure Cay @glennb_photo-1525432042.jpgTreasure Cay. Photo by @glennb_photo

2. Pink Sands Beach (Harbour Island, Eleuthera)

Talk about natural beauty! This is indisputably a must-see beach in the Bahamas. This beach’s magical pale-pink sands stretch for 3 miles and it is considered one of the safest swimming spots in the Bahamas as it is protected from Atlantic waves by a coral reef.

12059463574_8dfb920f32_k-1525432756.jpgPink Sands Beach - Photo by solarnu CC BY

3. Great Guana Cay (Abacos) 

The perfect spot to enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlantic’s turquoise water. It is located on a barrier island that hosts both elkhorn and staghorn coral reefs and is considered one of the most beautiful unspoiled abodes in the Abacos. The perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling!

Great Guana Cay, Bahamas @petraska1-1525432139.jpgGreat Guana Cay. Photo by @petraska1

4. Tahiti Beach (Abacos) 

Located on the southern tip of Elbow Cay, this scenic beach is lined with coconut trees. As it's accessible only by foot, bike or boat, it is one of The Bahamas’ most secluded and least pretentious spots. Are you looking forward to spotting starfish and sand dollars? This is the beach for you! Birdwatchers are especially fond of this beach because of the diversity of birds: more than 60 colorful species can be found both on and off the beach!

3. Tahiti Beach - Photo by Gabrielle Cyr CC BY-1480009748.jpgTahiti Beach - Photo by Gabrielle Cyr CC BY

5. Pig Beach or Big Major Cay (Exumas)

Sound peculiar? That’s because it is! Big Major Cay is an uninhabited island, which is popular for being populated by swimming pigs. Some say the pigs were dropped off on the island by a group of sailors who wanted to come back and cook them. The sailors never return and the pigs have survived off of the food dumped by passing ships.

Staniel Cay, Bahamas 2 @hanhanbvi-1523856576-1570026623.jpgPig Island. Photo by @hanhanbvi. Used with permission.

6. Tropic of Cancer Beach or Pelican Beach (Exumas)

Gleaming blue-green waters and soft white sand make this beach one of Exumas’ top kept secrets. It is where the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was filmed and the longest beach on the island. Don’t forget to pack snacks and drinks for your visit as there are no facilities on the beach.

15462458442_313f016a1f_k-1525433203.jpgTropic of Cancer Beach - Photo by Barbara Guida. CC BY.

7. Allan’s Cay or Iguana Beach (Exumas)

There aren’t many places where you can still find these striking lizards and Allan’s Cay is one of them! These endangered Iguanas will gladly greet you and allow having a photo taken if you offer them a snack of fruits or vegetables.

Allan's Cay, Exuma, Bahamas @hanhanbvi-1525432564.jpgAllan's Cay. Photo by @hanhanbvi

So you liked these Beautiful Yacht Charter Beaches in the Bahamas? What are you waiting for?

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