Why would you have Yacht Charter Vacations?

1. Yacht charters allow you to explore new places, discover new things, and soak yourself in different cultures. Discover the Caribbean islands such as the BVI (British Virgin Islands), The Grenadines or St. Maarten, travel to the Mediterranean or stay in the Bahamas.

Caribbean Beach, photo by Trish Hartmann


2. Yacht charter vacations are well suited for people who are passionate about cruising, traveling and leading an elegant lifestyle, without the need of having a yacht of yourself.

Yacht, photo by Gail Frederick


  1. Yachting tourism is probably the most interesting form of tourism, not only because of the exotic destinations, but also the mode of transport, which has a lot of romance.

Sail Boat, photo by Lee Cannon

  1. Yachting tourism is the perfect family vacation to spend more quality time in family and enhance relationships. Yacht charter vacations are the ultimately family vacations.

Snorkel, photo by dMap Travel Guide

  1. Most luxury yacht tours offer water sports activities, fine dining experiences, the chance to visit breathtaking islands and other fun activities such as fishing and swimming. Plus, regular tourism on the places one will visit.

Yacht in BVI, photo by Deanna Keahey

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