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BVI Beaches And Anchorages

on Apr 24, 2019

BVI Beaches And Anchorages

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite BVI Beaches We Recommend You Don't Miss

Whether you’re interested in sunbathing on white sand beaches, under an umbrella, or snorkeling colorful coral reefs, these are some of the best BVI beaches you just can’t miss.

1. Cane Garden Bay (Tortola)

Considered the best beach in the BVI, you’ll find white sand, warm calm waters, great food, snorkeling and plenty of great bars on the beach in Cane Garden Bay. Some of the best sunsets in the Caribbean are here. Enjoy the view with a rum punch in hand while relaxing on a lounge chair on the beach – or from your yacht... The bay is like a postcard no matter what angle you view it from!

Cane Garden Bay, Tortola - IG @hanhanbvi.jpgCane Garden Bay. Photo by @hanhanbvi

2. The Baths (Virgin Gorda)

Located at the bottom of a hill on the southern end of Virgin Gorda, The Baths is a popular beach and an amazing place to snorkel. A must-see in the BVI, you’ll hike through half-submerged rocks and towering granite boulders which have formed grottos, tunnels, and dramatic arches—the perfect backdrop for family snapshots and Instagramming.

Above the boulders, continue on the trail meandering up the hill, arriving at the Restaurant at the Top of the Baths and a spectacular view of Sir Francis Drake Channel. A 15-minute hike from the top of The Baths brings you to picturesque Devil's Bay.

The Baths, BVI 1 @alton.bertie-1522698024.jpgThe Baths. Photo by @alton.bertie

3. Long Bay Beach (Tortola)

Known as one of Tortola's most picturesque beaches, Long Bay Beach is exactly what you would imagine when you think "Caribbean beach." Stretching almost a mile in length, visitors will find numerous beach bars and resorts lining the white sands. Enjoy a nice rum punch, find a quiet hideaway on the western side of the beach, or go for a swim—regardless of your choice, you won't regret making a trip to Long Bay Beach.

43913962_544696142661624_8067239874254134333_n.jpgLong Bay Beach. Photo by @hanhanbvi

4. White Bay (Jost Van Dyke)

One of the top beaches in the BVIs, White Bay beach offers a long stretch of white sand and calm turquoise water. Dive off the boat, try your hand at stand-up paddleboarding, or snorkel among the spectacular coral formations of the offshore reef. And remember, no trip to the BVIs is complete without a stop at the Soggy Dollar Bar, the home of the infamous Painkiller.

Jost Van Dyke BVI @hanhanbvi-1523724010.jpgWhite Bay, Jost Van Dyke. Photo by @hanhanbvi

5. Sandy Cay

Located between Tortola and Jost Van Dyke, and formerly owned by the Rockefeller family, Sandy Cay now exists as part of the National Parks Trust and is open to the public. It’s uninhabited, so you’ll have to bring your own provisions—the perfect excuse for a beachside picnic. A beautiful hiking trail will take you to a small cliff overlooking the ocean. Visit early in the morning to beat the crowds and enjoy this pristine beach, covered in sand dollars and hermit crabs.

Sandy Cay @hanhanbvi-1523733122.jpgSandy Cay. Photo by @hanhanbvi

6. Anegada Island

North of Virgin Gorda, you’ll find Anegada Island, one of the most sparsely populated islands in the BVI. Horseshoe Reef, the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean, sits just offshore. Here where you can snorkel and dive to your heart’s content. Benches and picnic tables line the beaches and conch shells are used as decorations in the island’s village known as The Settlement. You may even get to see some of Anegada’s wildlife, which includes flamingos, iguanas, and turtles.

116125211_9865566adb_b-1522704817.jpgAnegada. Photo by Kathleen Tyler Conklin. CC BY

7. Cooper Island

As part of the Little Sisters chain of islands, Cooper Island beaches have become a popular stop for yacht charter guests thanks to the Cooper Island Beach Club. Here, you’ll have access to a rum bar, coffee shop, dive shop, and local boutiques. Off the coast is a popular dive site called Wreck Alley, where four different boats were sunk to provide an artificial reef for sea life to inhabit.

Cooper Island - IG @hanhanbvi.jpgCooper Island. Photo by @hanhanbvi

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