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Trip Report In The Beautiful Virgin Islands

by Lucinda Paxton on Sep 16, 2019

Trip Report In The Beautiful Virgin Islands

The smell of freshly brewed coffee tickles your nose, gently waking you in your delightful cabin as it fills with dappled morning light. You pull on your swimsuit, step outside into the soft-bright morning and dive straight into the islands’ famous crystalline waters. After a splash, swim, or a gentle bob around on one of the yachts many floatation toys, you climb back up into your sea-home and sit down on soft cushions to enjoy that freshly brewed coffee -  letting the sun gently dry you and the blue upon blue to the horizon awaken every one of your senses.BVI. Photo by Lucinda Paxton

Sounds perfection? Read on - I was lucky enough to start every day like this in the beautiful Virgin Islands, kindly hosted to experience all this and more by the owner-operated 47-foot catamaran Pisces. Yes, I was experiencing it in the name of research - and for those of you reading who have never chartered but are considering it please see this as a present from me to you! If you take the plunge believe me it’s likely to become a life long vacation obsession. Trust me. 

The Virgin Islands is not only for me the very best first-time charter destination, the calm crystal waters perfect for the plethora of water toys with which the yachts are laden - but it also attracts a huge fan base of devotees, returning to the islands year after year to visit old friends and experience that perfect peace and laid-back island charm so addictive to travelers from all over the world.  Couples, families, groups of friends flock back yearly, and it’s also a great Caribbean destination for multi-generational families and you can see why with a portfolio of such diverse activities available.

BVI. Photo by Lucinda Paxton

My trip was condensed into a 3-night speed tour of the islands  - yet somehow it felt like I was in Paradise for much over a week. Impossible to feel rushed on island time.  From the first second of jumping into that water ‘reality’ disappears and you can't help but relax and be pampered - your eyes by the beauty of the surrounding nature, and you by your fantastic crew.

Days are a mixture of lazy sunbathes on the trampolines, long and languid lunches and dinners, where crisp sauvignon blanc flows and one hour ebbs into 3 as you sit around the table with your chosen travel companions. No worldly interruptions -  just friends and family reunited. Board games come out, cocktails are poured - really it is the perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones - I don’t actually think I can think of anything better.

BVI. Photo by Lucinda Paxton

Some of my highlights were certainly the aforementioned wake up the ritual of sun and sea-soaked coffee morning. Another was showering on the bow of the yacht - there really is something quite magical about this - although all your cabins, like mine, was,  will be kitted out with bath products and private showers I still loved that post-swim shower on the bow. Sunset is the best. Then there are the visits to the hallowed beach bars of Soggy Dollar and Foxy’s - even boasting extreme popularity and both thriving with devotees they both retain the island charm and a unique vibe that can’t help make you smile. (Top tip  - ‘Painkillers’ at Soggy Dollar Bar - if you don’t know what this is probably worth the flight alone to find out!)

My trip took me snorkeling, hiking, shopping, dancing, lobster-eating, lazing, sunbathing, laughing, playing, and of course plenty of that addictive off-yacht jumping!

Thanks so much for having me Pisces. It was swell.