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Yacht Charter Diving: Exploring the Depths of Luxury

by Federico Lopez on Oct 11, 2023

Yacht Charter Diving: Exploring the Depths of Luxury

Yacht charter diving represents the pinnacle of aquatic adventure, where luxury and exploration converge. Yet it is not a well-known option for experienced dive travelers. After years of being funneled into large group trips to resorts or to liveaboard dive "cattle boats", many divers are looking for an alternative.

What are the advantages of booking a yacht that offers onboard scuba diving?

Privacy and customization: A dive vacation aboard a crewed charter yacht offers intimacy, custom-tailored schedules, personal instruction if necessary, and the ability to choose remote and pristine locations that may not be easily accessible through other means.

An excellent choice for the whole group: All members of the charter party do not need to be divers to have an enjoyable vacation. A luxury yacht charter provides a level of comfort and indulgence that doesn’t matter if you are not into watersports.

iStock-643275450.jpgC'est La Vie is a very popular catamaran available for charter in the BVI. She accommodates 8 guests in 4 spacious guest suites and offers Onboard Diving.

There are two different types of yachts to choose from when looking for diving during a crewed yacht charter trip.

Yachts that offer Onboard Diving vs Yachts that offer Rendezvous Diving

Yachts with Onboard Diving are the ideal choice for certified divers. These vessels are equipped with full diving gear and at least one crew member is a Dive Master. In some cases, a crew member of a yacht with Onboard Diving is also a Dive Instructor and can offer instruction for guests who are not certified.

This means an individualized service, pressure-free training schedules, patience, and the one-on-one service that characterizes dive charter yachts. Divers can embark on multiple dives per day, exploring vibrant coral reefs, enigmatic wrecks, and diverse marine ecosystems with ease.

In contrast, rendezvous dive charters are more versatile. They have no infrastructure for diving, so they rely on coordination with local dive shops and instructors. Guests are transported to renowned dive sites aboard smaller boats or dinghies with other divers, where they join up with experienced dive masters for guided adventures. Rendezvous charters offer greater flexibility for mixed groups of divers and non-divers, ensuring everyone can relish the journey.

Regardless of your choice, a diving experience during a yacht trip promises a blend of opulence and underwater exhilaration. On board, you'll enjoy lavish cabins, gourmet dining, and a crew dedicated to fulfilling your every whim. Sunsets on the deck and starlit nights over the ocean will become cherished memories. Underwater, the world unfolds in a kaleidoscope of colors and creatures.


Xandros is the first Lagoon SIXTY5 available for luxury charter vacation and the first of its kind to be present in the BVI. This enormous catamaran features accommodation for 6 adults and 2 children and full diving equipment for up to 8 people.

Considerations Before Booking

Before embarking on a yacht charter diving adventure, several key considerations merit attention: 

  • Skill Level: If you are not a certified diver, be sure to ask your charter specialist to recommend yachts with a crew that includes a Dive Instructor who can offer Discover Scuba Diving during your charter. DSD instruction allows someone who is not certified to experience this amazing sport while on charter.

    If you plan to become certified on your charter, it is best to do the bookwork or e-learning portion required for certification at home rather than use your time on vacation for studying. Most yachts that offer diving certification offer a rate for the final portion, the Open-Water Checkout.

  • Group Dynamics: If traveling with a group, ensure everyone's preferences align. Yachts with Onboard Diving may be preferable for a group of dedicated divers, while rendezvous charters accommodate a wider range of interests.


  • Budget: Understand the cost implications. Yachts that offer diving may include a limited number of dives in their all-inclusive price, but many don’t. They usually include all the gear and the tanks. On the other hand, rendezvous charters always have the additional dive fees of the diving company.

  • Season: Consider the best time to visit your chosen destination. Seasonal variations in weather and marine life activity can significantly impact your experience.

As you can see, there are many reasons to enjoy diving onboard a luxury yacht charter - even if you don’t actually dive! If you want to learn more about these yachts, contact your Ritzy Charter Specialist today.