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2022 Mediterranean Yacht Show: Chef’s Competition Winners

by Florencia Falotico on May 26, 2022

2022 Mediterranean Yacht Show: Chef’s Competition Winners

Ritzy Charters’ brokers recently attended the 7th edition of the Mediterranean Yacht Show, a fantastic 5-day event held in the scenic port of Nafplio in Greece’s Saronic Gulf, from April 30th to May 4th.

This year's MEDYS gathered 90 crewed charter yachts as well as 610 charter brokers from around the world, all eager to learn more about the particulars of Greek yacht charters including the various regions of Greece each with its own unique charms. The display of 90 fabulous motor yachts up to 300 ft in length, moored alongside elegant sailing yachts and catamarans, created a spectacular visual against the backdrop of ancient fortresses and castles.

An important aspect of the Show is the opportunity for brokers to spend time aboard these yachts that are available for charter in Greece, interacting with each crew, and frequently sampling appetizers from the galley. Charter brokers attend many yacht exhibitions every year to learn more about the available boats and crews in specific destinations, as well as to build connections with industry partners, as described in the previous blog post.

The renowned Chef's Competition, which was widely expected after a 2-year absence, was a highlight of this year’s event. The participating chefs put their skills to the test by preparing dishes based on the theme "Decadent Vegan", demonstrating just how delicious Greek vegan cuisine can be. The esteemed judges panel included 2 Michelin starred Chef Aggelos Lantos, along with Chef Thanos Stasinos who has held various executive roles in restaurants such as Nikkei in Athens, Pacific in Monte Carlo, and the Ritz Carlton in Valencia. They were joined by two charter brokers that helped broaden the range of palettes.

There were two categories of competition, based on the charter rate.

Category A

Chefs on yachts with a daily charter rate of up to €8.999. Amazing creativity was used to demonstrate how conventional dishes may well be redesigned to be both vegan and delicious. The top three winners in this category were:

  • 1st Place Winner: Chef Michal Mayman aboard S/Y Afaet

  • 2nd Place Winner: Chef Emmanouil Perros aboard M/Y Zen

  • 3rd Place Winner: Chef Emilia Sotiriou aboard P/C Christal Mio

AFAET_3-1652998019.jpgDish by 1st Place Winner Chef Michal Mayman. Photo by Greek Yachting Association. Used with permission.

Category A Platinum

Chefs on yachts with a daily charter rate of €9.000 and above. They also used their creativity and utilization of advanced culinary techniques to create delicacies that exceeded all expectations. The top three winners in this category were:

  • 1st Place Winner: Chef Savvas Lichanidis aboard S/C Genny

  • 2nd Place Winner: Chef Mihalis Tsourvas aboard M/Y Sole di Mare

  • 3rd Place Winner: Chef Josue Elizario aboard M/Y Funky Choice

CHEF_SAVVAS_LICHANIDIS_SC_GENNY__2-1652998459.jpgDish by 1st Place Winner Chef Savvas Lichanidis. Photo by Greek Yachting Association. Used with permission.

The Tablescaping Competition presented an opportunity for the yacht Steward or Stewardess to show off their design skills with gorgeous table displays. Top honors were awarded as follows:

  • Category A Winner: Stewardess Chrysa Kordatzaki aboard P/C Christal Mio

  • Category A Platinum Winner: Stewardess Natasa Poumelioti aboard M/Y Idyllic

CHRISTAL_MIO_3-1652998599.jpgTable setting by Category A Winner Stewardess Chrysa Kordatzaki. Photo by Greek Yachting Association. Used with permission.

An award ceremony was conducted at the MEDYS lounge to recognize the participants' efforts and to reveal the winners. Take a look at the participating dishes and table settings from Category A and Category A Platinum!

On the other hand, members of CYBA (Charter Yacht Brokers Association) who attended the Show were proud to see the Designer Water Competition extended to the Mediterranean after many successful years at the Caribbean charter shows where it began. CYBA leads a collaborative effort to reduce the use of plastic water bottles on charter yachts throughout the world by encouraging charter guests to drink refreshing, delicious, and as the competitors demonstrated, delightfully creative water-based beverages infused with local produce and served in plastic-free reusable containers. 

Lastly, if you would like to book your own yacht charter in Greece, check out our Greek Yacht Charter Fleet.