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Firsthand Greek Hospitality at the 2024 EMMYS Yacht Show

by Florencia Ballve | Yacht Charter Broker on Jun 12, 2024

Firsthand Greek Hospitality at the 2024 EMMYS Yacht Show

Attending the EMMYS in Poros, Greece, this April was a vibrant and invaluable experience for anyone in the yacht charter industry. As a yacht charter broker, it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding of the vessels we represent, and this event provided an unparalleled opportunity to do just that.


The EAST MED MULTIHULL YACHT SHOW took place from April 25th, 2024 to April 28th at Poros Port, Greece.

One of the standout aspects of the show was the opportunity to network with industry professionals. The event drew yacht owners, brokers, and crew from all over the world, creating a melting pot of expertise and experience. Engaging in discussions about the latest trends and technologies in yacht design and operation was not only enlightening but also essential for staying ahead in the competitive world of yacht charters.

Meeting the crews and experiencing their hospitality firsthand was a highlight of the show. Each crew demonstrated their culinary prowess, preparing exquisite meals that showcased their skills and the potential dining experiences for future guests. From fresh seafood dishes to gourmet Mediterranean cuisine, the culinary presentations were a testament to the high standards maintained on these yachts.

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The professional crew of sailing catamaran LUCKY CLOVER, consisting of a captain, deck/stew, and chef, eagerly looks forward to catering to every guest's needs and desires.

While the show was centered in Poros, it also presented a perfect gateway to explore some of the many beautiful islands Greece has to offer. As part of the event, I had the chance to visit several nearby islands, each with its unique charm and attractions. These excursions not only added to the excitement but also provided a deeper understanding of the itineraries we can offer to clients. From the historical ruins of Aegina to the picturesque beaches of Hydra, the potential for unforgettable charters is vast.

Greece has always been my dream destination since childhood. The allure of its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture captivated me from a young age. Now, thanks to my job as a yacht charter broker, I have the incredible opportunity to make this dream come true while doing what I love. Being able to work in such a breathtaking location and explore its wonders firsthand is truly a dream realized.


Yacht Charter Broker Florencia Ballve participated in the 2024 Familiarization Trip the EMMYS organized to Greek Saronic Islands.

Knowing our product inside and out is crucial. Being able to personally inspect the yachts, meet the crew, and experience the onboard amenities allows me to recommend these vessels confidently. This firsthand knowledge ensures that I can match clients with the perfect yacht for their needs, enhancing their overall charter experience.

The atmosphere at the show was electric. Each yacht was a marvel of modern design and engineering, offering luxury and comfort at sea. The opportunity to step aboard these state-of-the-art vessels, inspect their features, and envision the experiences they offer was thrilling. The event also underscored the importance of staying current with the latest advancements and trends in the yachting industry.

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Yacht charter brokers Florencia Ballve and Camila Conde from Ritzy Charters were spotted participating in one of the many events at the EMMYS 2024.

The 2024 Poros Yacht Show was more than just an exhibition; it was an essential event for anyone involved in yacht charters. It provided a comprehensive view of the latest in yacht design, allowed for valuable networking opportunities, and offered a firsthand experience of the exceptional hospitality and culinary skills of the crews. For a yacht charter broker, attending such events is not just exciting—it is crucial to ensure we can offer the best possible experiences to our clients. As we look forward to the upcoming season, the insights and connections gained from this show will undoubtedly enhance our offerings and client satisfaction.

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The MEDDYS (East Med Multihull Yacht Show) is a crewed charter yacht show with a main focus on multihull vessels.

Selecting the perfect catamaran or sailing yacht can be an exciting yet challenging task, given the myriad of choices available. I have curated a list of my top five picks that represent the best in design, performance, and comfort. These vessels are not only visually stunning but also excel in functionality, offering unparalleled experiences on the water. Whether you are looking for a spacious family cruiser, a durable and elegant yacht, or a vessel that perfectly balances luxury with sailing prowess, this list covers all your needs. Join me as I delve into the features and highlights of these exceptional crewed luxury boats.



S/C White Caps boasts a super professional and friendly crew that ensures every guest feels welcome and at ease. Their expertise in sailing and hospitality is evident from the moment you step aboard. The design features spacious living areas, luxurious cabins, and a panoramic flybridge that offers breathtaking views of the sea. Comfort is paramount on White Caps, with plush seating and ample lounging areas both inside and out. Additionally, she features a projector screen on the flybridge, perfect for movie nights under the stars with popcorn.

One of the highlights of the experience onboard this yacht is the talented and creative chef. Known for his exceptional culinary skills, he delights guests with a variety of dishes, including mouthwatering Greek cuisine. Who doesn't love Greek food? Every meal is a feast, ensuring your dining experience is as memorable as your time at sea. And hey, don’t tell the captain I said this, but you might find him grilling too!



S/C Life Time is crewed by a young, energetic team who bring a fresh and dynamic vibe to the sailing experience. Their enthusiasm is infectious, and they excel at creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for guests.

This beautiful yacht is perfect for exploring the Greek islands. She offers stability and seaworthiness while sailing, providing guests with a supreme monohull experience. With room for up to eight people in three double cabins and one twin cabin, all with en-suite bathrooms, the boat includes elegant interiors with modern amenities, ensuring both style and comfort.

Chartering a monohull like Life Time offers unique perks and beauty, such as the exhilarating sensation of sailing closer to the water, feeling the yacht lean under the wind, and experiencing the authentic, traditional experience. Monohulls are known for their exceptional performance and agility, providing a thrilling ride that is both challenging and rewarding for sailing enthusiasts. The design allows for a deeper keel, offering stability and the ability to anchor in more diverse locations. The beauty of a monohull lies in its classic lines and the intimate connection to the sea, making every voyage a picturesque and immersive adventure. The spacious deck and cozy cabins on Life Time make it a perfect choice for a memorable yachting adventure, blending the joy of sailing with the comforts of modern luxury.



Upon boarding Namaste, the name alone sets a tone of serenity and hospitality. The crew onboard embodies these qualities wholeheartedly, ensuring your voyage is nothing short of unforgettable. Their expertise and warm demeanor create an atmosphere of ease and enjoyment throughout the journey. From thrill-seekers to those seeking tranquility, Namaste caters to all with its array of water toys. Its design showcases expansive outdoor areas, a meticulously crafted saloon, and cabins that seamlessly blend elegance with comfort. Every aspect is tailored to provide a sailing experience that is both luxurious and serene.

As you ascend to the expansive flybridge of Namaste, you'll discover a space that transcends the ordinary. Its ample room and cozy ambiance beckon you to embark on sailing adventures that forge bonds and create lasting memories. From the spacious main saloon to the foredeck and aft deck, every corner of Namaste exudes a sense of togetherness, embracing the essence of French joie de vivre and the joy of seizing the moment.



Step aboard Dolly and immerse yourself in an interior defined by contemporary elegance and spaciousness. With accommodation for up to ten guests across five cabins, including a luxurious owner’s suite and queen-sized cabins, every aspect is designed for utmost comfort and opulence.

On deck, the flybridge and forward deck offer generous space for relaxation and unwinding under the sun. Meanwhile, the aft cockpit sets the stage for convivial gatherings and al fresco dining experiences. The dedicated crew of Dolly, consisting of a captain, deck/stew, and chef, eagerly anticipates attending to every guest's needs and desires. Committed to curating an environment of relaxation and luxury, Dolly promises a sailing experience that exceeds expectations.



The culinary experience on King of Diamonds is unique, thanks to the talented chef onboard who crafts gourmet meals that delight the senses. The crew is passionate about providing exceptional service, ensuring every guest's needs are met with precision and care. Built in 2016 and refitted in 2024, King of Diamonds features chic and stylish interiors, with comfortable cabins and ample deck space for sunbathing and relaxation.

The combination of exquisite cuisine and luxurious comfort makes this yacht a top choice for a memorable sailing adventure. She offers five cabins and is equipped with all the amenities of a five-star floating hotel. With huge living spaces, a large flybridge area to relax while sailing, and a unique forward lounge area to chill as you explore the Greek seas, King of Diamonds is a true gem among the 55-foot catamarans.

If you are interested in booking a Crewed Yacht Charter in Greece, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you in locating the perfect yacht for what we know would be an incredible adventure in Paradise.