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Exploring Luxury Yachting Cuisine: MEDYS & EMMYS Winners 2024

by Federico Lopez on Jul 04, 2024

Exploring Luxury Yachting Cuisine: MEDYS & EMMYS Winners 2024

We are pleased to share the latest experiences from our participation in two premier events in the yachting industry this past April. Our dedicated team of brokers embarked on a journey to experience firsthand the latest trends in the luxury yacht market, attending two of the most renowned shows in the industry: MEDYS and EMMYS 2024. These events not only set the stage for showcasing the finest in yachting but also emphasized the growing appeal of maritime tourism.

One highlight was the 20th edition of the East Med Multihull Yacht Show (EMMYS) in Poros, Greece, from April 24 to 27. This event featured an impressive array of multihull yacht exhibitions, interactive pavilions, and activities designed to promote yachting and maritime tourism. Our team engaged with industry leaders, explored innovative yacht designs, and witnessed the latest advancements in multihull technology.


20th Edition of the East Med Multihull Yacht Show (EMMYS). Poros, Greece.

Following EMMYS, the 9th edition of the Mediterranean Yacht Show (MEDYS) took place from April 27 to May 1 at the historic port of Nafplion. Organized by the Greek Yachting Association, MEDYS is the premier event for showcasing luxury crewed yachts in the Mediterranean. The show highlighted an elite selection of licensed, fully compliant professional yachts and crews, providing an unparalleled platform for brokers and clients alike to explore the best in splendor yachting.


9th Edition of the Mediterranean Yacht Show (MEDYS). Nafplion, Greece.

A standout feature of both EMMYS and MEDYS was the culinary contests, celebrating the exceptional talents of yacht chefs. The magic of a yacht experience is often enhanced by the exquisite cuisine prepared on board. Chefs competed in various categories, showcasing their creativity, visual presentation, and culinary expertise. Meet the winners of this year’s editions:

MEDYS Winners:

This year's competition featured talented chefs who stood out with their passion and inspiration. Their creations ranged from daring and unexpected flavour combinations to timeless and sophisticated dishes, all expertly showcasing the theme of “Cooking the Orange.” Each plate was a tribute to Argolida’s rich culinary tradition, infused with the essence of Mediterranean flavours and aromas. The judges had the pleasure of sampling a plethora of delightful dishes featuring the orange, creating an unforgettable tasting journey

Category A

1st Place: Chef Sotiris Mpempedelis - S/C Nova

2nd Place: Chef Polixeni Marina - S/C Alma

3rd Place: Chef George Elekidis - S/Y Meliti


Winning Dish on Category A by Chef Dimitris Fotopoulus, S/C Nova.

Category A Platinum

1st Place: Chef Aristeidis Vlachogiannis - M/Y Africa I

2nd Place: Chef Dimitrios Paidos - M/Y Lady G II

3rd Place: Chef Eleftheria Varelaki - S/C Sameli


Winning Dish on Category A Platinum by Chef Aristeidis Vlachogiannis, M/Y Africa I.

EMMYS Winners:

The theme of this year combined "A Taste of Greece" featuring Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). Greece boasts an extensive range of agricultural products, including renowned items such as olives and olive oil, cheeses, wines, mastic, and saffron which have garnered international acclaim as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), earning distinctions for their exceptional quality and irresistible characteristics. The EMMYS Yacht Show's competitions shined a spotlight on these culinary delights of Greece.

Category Emerald

1st Place: Chef Dimitris Fotopoulus - S/C For Sail

2nd Place: Chef Georgios Spanakis - S/C Wine

3rd Place: Chef Kostantinos Tsakiridis - S/C Valium 55


Winning Dish on Category Emerald by Chef Dimitris Fotopoulus, S/C For Sail.

Category Diamond

1st Place: Chef Caro Uy - S/C Skylark

2nd Place: Chef Savvas Lichanides - S/C Above & Beyond

3rd Place: Chef Ibrahim Everest - S/C Alena


Winning Dish on Category Diamond by Chef Caro Uy on S/C Skylark.

At Ritzy Charters, our participation in these prestigious events allows us to gather genuine insights and detailed information about the latest yachts, destinations, crews, and maritime services. This firsthand knowledge enhances our ability to provide top-tier service and tailored recommendations to our clients.

Would you like to embark on an adventure aboard an incredible yacht? Contact Ritzy Charters today, and let us help you find the perfect yacht to match your expectations and exploration on the high seas.