Award Winners of The BVI Boat Show 2015


For Multihull Under 57' the first prize went to Playtime and the second prize went to Blossom

For Multihull Over 57' the first prize went to Xenia 74 and the second prize went to Best Revenge V.

For Motor Yacht the first prize went to Ohana and the second prize went to Playtime.

And in the category 'Best in Show' the first place went to London Sky and the second place went to Playtime winner of two awards this year!

Know you can have this information when choosing your next yacht charter!

We congratulate all the yachts that participated in Tortola's Boat Show, especially all the winner yachts. We remark that all boats enjoy excellent conditions and have spectacular crew members aboard, worth being mentioned! Now we are more than confident that our customers will be in excellent hands and will enjoy great moments chartering.


Let's keep growing and improving every day our sailing community!