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Exploring the Saronic Islands: An Unforgettable Experience

by Camila Conde | Yacht Charter Broker on May 27, 2024

Exploring the Saronic Islands: An Unforgettable Experience

This year, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the EMMYS, a prestigious boat show held annually in the picturesque setting of Poros, Greece. As a Yacht Charter Broker, attending these events is an incredible honor. It allows us to personally connect with the boats and their crews, enabling us to offer our clients nothing but the very best experiences on the water. And let's mention the bonus of discovering breathtaking destinations along the way!

In this case, I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a Familiarization Trip after the Boat Show and explore Greece’s Saronic islands aboard Lucky Clover: a Lagoon 52 with a young and professional crew.

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The 20th East Med Multihull & Yacht Charter Show (EMMYS) took place from April 25th, 2024 to April 28th at Poros Port, Greece.

I started my journey in Poros, a quiet and romantic island that enjoys the proximity and liveliness of Athens and the Peloponnese coast. Poros belongs to the group of Saronic Islands along with Spetses, Agistri, Aegina, and Hydra. These islands form the Saronic Gulf, the archipelago least known to major international tourism in Greece. And this fact alone should make you consider them with extreme interest!

The Saronic are the most comfortable islands for calm navigation, without strong winds and traveling short distances. Picturesque ports, great beaches, and anchorages await you in this region. Being close to Athens means you will not need additional domestic flights on your trip to the starting point.

They have one more advantage: you can combine your sailing trip with on-land activities and cultural tours. From Athens to Epidaurus, the Saronic Gulf features numerous archaeological sites, small ports, and typical villages. This itinerary is often used as an alternative to sailing in the Cyclades islands when the winds are strong and annoying, especially in August with its well-known Meltemi.


Wonderful beaches and lovely small bays, impressive architecture, and charming old harbors comprise the Saronic Gulf profile and explain why so many people come back to it every summer.

You will find all types of seascapes in this region, from high mountains collapsing into the sea to low-relief coasts covered with trees. It is a beautiful destination, highly recommended, especially to the truly curious and lovers of a less famous, less postcard-like Greece—less obvious, if you like, but equally dynamic and fascinating.

Below are the highlights of my unforgettable trip, from Poros to Agistri:

Day 1: Poros to Spetses

Following our departure from Poros, we indulged in a delightful breakfast before setting sail for Spetses, marking the beginning of our exciting journey. With the wind in our favor, our experienced captain set the sails, inviting us to immerse ourselves in the authentic sailing experience. As we traversed the azure waters, basking in the warm sunlight, we were treated to breathtaking views of the Greek coastline. Upon reaching Spetses, we were greeted by the serene beauty of its city. While perhaps not as visually striking as some other towns in the Saronic Gulf, Spetses City boasts a vibrant nightlife, and several pristine beaches perfect for a refreshing swim, all easily accessible for our enjoyment.

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Lagoon 52 LUCKY CLOVER can accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 cabins with ensuite private facilities.

Day 2: Spetses to Hydra

After a delightful breakfast, our journey led us to the enchanting Bitsi Bay, where we reveled in the aquatic delights and took a refreshing dip in the crystalline Greek waters before pausing for a leisurely lunch. Later, we set our sails for Hydra, crowned as the queen of the Saronic Islands, a title it wears proudly, partly due to the allure it holds for celebrities like Sophia Loren and Mick Jagger. Hydra invites relaxation and peaceful rhythms. No cars are circulating on the island and every move is made with donkeys, making it the perfect place for long walks, breathing clean air, and stepping back in time. What do you need to spend a holiday in Hydra? A good book, the desire to let yourself go to the rhythms of the island, and be amazed by its sunsets.

Day 3: Hydra to Agistri

After breakfast, we left for Agistri and spent the last night onboard. Agistri is a small island, surrounded by very dense vegetation, with a clean and crystalline sea. The palette of colors oscillates from the green of the olive trees and pine forests to the blue of the sea, which is different on every beach or cove you come across. If you look carefully and avoid the first restaurant on the Skala seafront, you can still find authentic Greek taverns. These local gems feature Sirtaki music and offer a few delicious courses, all made with fresh, zero-kilometer ingredients, often picked that same morning from their garden.


Agistri is a gorgeous island covered in lush green vegetation and some of the most amazing waters you will encounter around the Saronic Islands.

As a yacht charter broker, and having personally experienced the enchantment of the Saronic Islands, I wholeheartedly recommend this destination to anyone seeking an authentic glimpse into the essence of Greece. These islands embody the true spirit of authenticity, offering a genuine and unfiltered portrayal of Greek life. Whether you're drawn to the tranquil beauty of its secluded coves, the vibrant culture of its charming towns, or the warm hospitality of its people, the Saronic Islands promise an unforgettable voyage into the heart of Greece's truest spirit.

Ready to embark on an unforgettable voyage and indulge in the ultimate luxury sailing experience in this ancient paradise? Let our experienced team of brokers guide the process for you and curate the perfect holiday!