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Gourmet Cuisine on Private Yacht Charters

by Florencia Falotico on Feb 08, 2023

Gourmet Cuisine on Private Yacht Charters

A private yacht charter vacation is an experience of luxury, customized exclusively to the preferences of guests aboard, and food is always one of the week’s highlights. Whether the charter is aboard a 50 ft sailing catamaran or a 100 ft motor yacht, all charter chefs love to wow their guests with incredible food. It is their passion.

With many “foodie” charter clients, yacht owners know the chef they hire for their yacht must deliver outstanding meals for the yacht to establish and maintain a great reputation. Despite the challenges of  creating fantastic meals while the boat is in motion, often in a very small galley, charter chefs have the skills to work expertly and efficiently under these conditions, to the delight of their guests. 

Special Training

Many charter chefs have professional culinary training and experience, often from prestigious schools such as the United Kingdom’s Ashburton Cookery School & chefs Academy, to evolve and advance their skills and provide service commensurate with a luxury experience.

With a private chef, guests can expect to enjoy meals that are not only delicious, but also visually stunning. The chef will expertly balance flavors and textures, creating dishes that are both satisfying and elegant. From vegan dishes to gluten-free meals, a skilled chef can prepare incredible tasting food regardless of dietary restrictions or the diverse tastes of a charter group. The charter chef is focused entirely on your group and will cater to all your preferences. This is why your input on the Preference Sheet is so important. (More about this later).

collage food 1-1675803371.jpgMeal samples on board Mucho Gusto, Mariah Princess III and Ocean Vibes, respectively.

A yacht with an established reputation for excellent cuisine will keep a full calendar. The demand is demonstrated by the level of competition displayed at the global charter yacht shows where charter chefs showcase their skills in specific categories and compete for these coveted awards. Check out the 2022 Mediterranean Yacht Show and the 2022 Virgin Islands Fall Charter Yacht Shows’ winning chefs.

Culinary Experience On Board

Working as a chef on a yacht can be challenging. The day begins early preparing breakfast for the early risers and perhaps prepping ingredients for later meals that day. For some, it’s a trip ashore to the market for fresh locally grown produce. Many chefs have established relationships with local farmers to ensure high quality ingredients. Once back in the galley, their special skills are put to the test and great kitchen tools become their best friends.

Although cooking on a smaller yacht is particularly challenging because of the 3-4 sq ft galleys with limited storage and counter space, charter chefs are up to the task. In addition to space limitations, the galley is often open to the salon and the chef is frequently brought into conversations with guests, making meal preparation extra challenging. However, this is also a very enjoyable experience for the group on board, as they share cooking time with the chef and, if lucky, they may even take home their favorite recipes.

Of course, the larger the yacht, the larger the galley and along with it, more refrigeration and freezer space, more and better cooking tools and equipment, and the addition of a sous chef to help with preparation and service. Charter a 150 ft luxury motor yacht in the French Riviera and the cuisine will likely rival that of the Michelin-starred restaurants ashore.

Tips for Completing the Preference Sheet

The Preference Sheet is your chef’s guide to creating an amazing menu plan for your charter. This is why it is critical to fill it out with as much detail as possible.

  • Of obvious importance, be sure to include food allergies and dietary restrictions. Charter chefs have the culinary know-how to create a perfect menu for your entire group, even if one is keto, another vegan, and a third lactose-intolerant.  

  • In addition, be sure to make note of any food you simply don’t like. 

  • If there are children in the group, their food preferences should also be noted.

  • When it comes to beverages, indicate your preferred brands and labels. The crew will do their best to find exactly what you are looking for.

collage food 2-1675803566.jpgMeal samples on board Relentless II, Outta Touch and Island Kisses, respectively.

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