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2020 BVI Yacht Charter Show: Winners and Virtual Tours!

by Mercedes Mansilla on Dec 17, 2020

2020 BVI Yacht Charter Show: Winners and Virtual Tours!

Ultimately COVID had been taking the fun out of almost everything. But, if there’s something it can’t bring down is the spirit of dozens of yacht owners and crews, yacht brokers, and the amazing people behind the Charter Yacht Society. 

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, this year the British Virgin Islands Boat Show had to take place virtually, except for local brokers who were fortunate enough to attend the celebration in person. So, nothing could stop them from celebrating this beautiful show. Today, just as we did recently with the USVI 2020 Boat Show, we decided to cover the whole event. If you’re interested to know who the winners are and which crew has the best cocktails, then keep reading! 

The Show

The yacht show had the perfect timing to receive the new season, right before December 1st finally, the BVI are open back for tourism. Now, thanks to this event that takes place every single year, you can choose which yacht you want to sail in, which crew’s services you prefer to enjoy. And, ultimately, which yacht you should hop on to enjoy the best drinks while you relax at sea. 

The show took place from November 9th to 11th, where each crew had to send a video tour of their yacht, and a look into the crew’s abilities and history. Then, at the show, which was celebrated in person for yacht owners and brokers, the members of the Charter yacht society and yacht brokers not only announced the winners but had the delight to have a taste of their mixology abilities at the drinks competition.       

Between fun and laughs, and even music and a small show brought by the Vision crew, and a furry little friend who joined in, we are now excited to share with you the results of the 2020 BVI Boat Show. 

The Winners 

Here are the winners of the show, congratulations to every winner and every participant! 

Best Overall Virtual Tour 1st Place: Gypsy Princess 

GYPSYPRINCESSTOUR-1607354130.jpgYacht Charter Gypsy Princess' Tour - Lagoon 45", 2012 - 3 cabins, 6 guests, 2 crew.

Our congratulations to the Gypsy Princess’ crew, who not only won first place at Overall Tour but also the Most Innovative Tour prize. No wonder why this team won these two categories, if you only had a look at their virtual tour, you’d be eager to hop in their yacht right now! 

Gypsy Princess’s Specifications:

  • Year Built: 2012

  • Size: 45.0 Ft

  • Builder: Lagoon

  • Cabins: 3

  • Max Guests: 6

  • Number of Crew: 2

  • Cabin beds: 3 Queens

About the Charter’s Crew:

Biff and Amy have been sailing together since 2003 when they first met on a Greek beach. And ever since, they decided to pursue their dream in the marine tourism industry. 
Captain Biff learned to sail at a young age and was instantly hooked! Working his way around France and Spain he finally settled down in Greece running his own sailing school. He then decided to settle in the BVI’s running luxury charters.

Amy was always fond of cuisine, having learned to cook at the age of 9. She loved traveling and picking up local recipes, trying new cooking techniques, which she then refined at the renowned Ashburton & River Cottage cookery schools. Fresh, seasonal & local produce are her favorite ingredients to combine them into a variety of fusion of worldwide flavors that will take your palate all around the world. This dynamic duo has the experience & knowledge to guarantee you a truly memorable vacation.

Best Overall Virtual Tour 2nd Place: Angeleyes 

AngelEyesTour-1607354248.jpgYacht Charter Angelseyes's tour - Horizon 85", 2017 - 5 cabins, 10 guests, 4 crew.

This 2017 beautiful Horizon’s Motor boat’s crew has managed to put together an excellent virtual tour that has taken them all the way up to second place, well done! 

Best Crew Presentation 1st Place: Vision 

VISION YACHT-1607354331.jpgYacht Charter Catamaran Vision - Lagoon 57", 1995 - 4 cabins, 8 guests, 2 crew.

From Argentina, the Vision crew had to win this one. Extremely warm and friendly, light-hearted, and with a song in their hearts’ this family will definitely lighten up your holidays! 

Vision’s Specifications:

  • Year Built: 1995

  • Size:  57.0 Ft

  • Builder: Lagoon

  • Cabins: 4

  • Max Guests: 8 

  • Number of Crew: 2 

  • Cabin beds: 
3 Queens, 1 Twin

About the Charter’s Crew:

With 20 successful seasons chartering their own sailboats in the Caribbean, Charly and Carolina are celebrating this new victory! Good taste, experience, and hard work are terms that describe this couple, which has allowed them to stay among the best crews, especially for families or older couples who enjoy nature, gourmet cuisine, having fun, and live music. With their friendly and warm personalities, sailing catamaran Vision’s crew excels at family-style charters. They have earned heartwarming testimonials, as they always anticipate the needs, and cater to the interests of every guest. 

Best Crew Presentation 2nd Place: Port To Vino 

This 2016 luxury Fountaine-Pajot’s Catamaran’s crew has come up with an excellent crew presentation that made them justice, for the incredible team they are, taking them to win the second spot, well done Por to Vino! 

BVI GIN Cocktail Competition

During the in-person award, the yacht crews have delighted the judges with their best drinks, and although, they were all good, there two that stood out:

Drinks-1607354501.jpegCucumber Drink by Sandra Seitamaa, Licence.

BVI GIN Cocktail Competition 1st Place: Angeleyes’ DaCucumber Ting

ANGELEYES-1607354638.jpgYacht Charter Angeleyes - Horizon 85", 2017 - 5 cabins, 10 guests, 4 crew.

The Angeleyes crew has been kind enough to share their master recipe. If you can wait until you reach the BVI and try it you can test it at home, make sure to take down notes!

Da Cucumber Ting Recipe: 

Chill a martini glass as you cut .5 oz cucumbers finely and add it to the martini shaker, then muddle for 30 seconds with ice.  

Add 2 oz of BVI gin and shake it 

Empty the chilled glass and add a Tajin spice to half of the rim of a martini glass.

Strain into the martini glass and add ice, then top it up with Pink Ting 

Garnish with a cucumber peel and a dehydrated grapefruit.  


Followed by Pelican Passion Fruit Potion by Gypsy Princess 

We don’t have a recipe, but we have a video of the full Drink competition here if you don’t want to miss out!

Final Thoughts 

If you have missed the BVI’s 2020 Boat show, now you know everything there was to know, and we hope that you find this article helpful next time you head over to the British Virgin Islands to relax and have the time of your life in a yacht that fits your needs. Remember that the BVI is now open to tourism. So, if you can’t wait to visit again make sure to read everything you need to know about the COVID protocols for the BVI here