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What Does it Cost to Charter a Yacht?

by Florencia Falotico on Dec 16, 2022

What Does it Cost to Charter a Yacht?

Much like booking a vacation at a hotel or resort, the level of accommodations and the associated cost of a charter yacht ranges from economy to ultra-luxurious. For example, a 42-foot bareboat sailboat may charter for as little as $4,000 per week without crew or provisions during the low season, whereas a large luxury motor yacht can cost several hundred thousand dollars.

The good news is that there is a yacht charter to suit every spending category. Continue reading to learn more about common pricing terms and industry practices, so you can plan your charter knowing fully what to expect.

Factors that Determine the Price of the Yacht

  • Type of Yacht: In general, motor yachts are more expensive than sailing yachts and their fuel costs are obviously higher. Sailboats add the element of the sport of sailing and are generally a better value.

  • Size of Yacht: Generally speaking, the larger the yacht, the more spacious and comfortable the accommodations are, adding to the price.

  • Age of Yacht: Just like purchasing a new or used car, when choosing a charter yacht, those that are new or only a few years old and have all the latest features can command a higher price.

  • Destination: Prices are more competitive in areas where there is a large inventory of charter yachts to choose from, such as the Virgin Islands or Greece.

  • Crew Experience: When a crew is highly experienced and well-known by brokers, they can ask a higher price than when a crew is unfamiliar or new to charter.

  • Season: Expect to pay the highest rates during the high season, when demand is also at its peak.

Best Value Tip: To get the best value for your dollar, ask friends or family to join you to fill all the available cabins. Consider this: a yacht with 4 cabins that can accommodate 8 guests may be priced at $30,000 for 8 guests ($3,750 per person) and $28,000 for 4 guests ($7,500 per person).

Types of Charter Pricing

There are two types of charter pricing: ‘All Inclusive’ and ‘Plus Expenses’. The main difference between them, as their names suggest, is the items included in the rate. Visit our blog Yacht Charter Prices - All Inclusive vs Plus Expenses to learn more about this distinction.

Caribbean All Inclusive Pricing Examples (Weekly Rates)

  • Scuba Doo 50’ Sailing Catamaran for up to 8 guests: $28,000 - $30,000 (All Inclusive) - Location: USVI.

  • Seahome 62’ Sailing Catamaran for up to 10 guests: $42,000 - $48,000 (All Inclusive) - Location: USVI & BVI.

  • Relentless II 80' Sailing Catamaran for up to 8 guests: $100,000 (All Inclusive + 5% APA) - Location: USVI.

collage 6 fotos (2)4 (1)-1671130277.pngScuba Doo, Seahome & Relentless II.


Taxes can be a significant variable in the overall cost of a charter, especially in the West Mediterranean, where the rate is over 20%. Following are some examples of taxes and VAT rates in various cruising areas:

  • BVI cruising permits & taxes: The tax calculation is based on several factors, such as the yacht's length and home port. In cases where the tax is not included in the rate, expect to pay about $200 per person for the week.

  • The USVI has no tax.

  • St. Maarten, St. Bart’s & Anguilla customs & clearance fees: Required to enter and exit these countries. Check with your yacht broker for a quote.

  • Bahamas: 14% Total Tax (10% VAT + 4% Tax)

  • Greece: 12% to 13% VAT

  • Croatia: 13% VAT

  • Italy: 22% VAT

  • Spain: 21% VAT

  • France: 20% VAT

  • Turkey: 18% VAT

Delivery Fees

There are times when a yacht is based in a port other than where guests prefer to embark. For example, guests want to charter a yacht based in Athens but they want to embark in Mykonos. If the yacht’s schedule allows, they may agree to reposition the yacht to Mykonos with a delivery fee to cover the fuel cost. The fee is calculated according to distance and fuel consumption. To give you a general idea, delivery fees can range from $1,500-2,000 to $8,000 and can only be confirmed once the desired ports are selected.

Mediterranean Plus Expenses Pricing Examples (Weekly Rates)

  • Blue Destiny 61’ Sailing Catamaran for up to 8 guests: €18,000 – €29,000 + 30% APA + Italian VAT 22% - Location: Italy.

  • Skimmer 75’ Sailing Catamaran for up to 8 guests: €31,000 – €38,000 + 30% APA + Croatian VAT 13% - Location: Croatia.

  • Seven 90' Motor Yacht for up to 8 guests: €74,000 - €79,000 + 30% APA + VAT 9,6% - Location: Balearic Islands.

Blue Destiny, Skimmer & Seven.

Crew Gratuity

Tipping is customary in yacht charters, just like it is in other hospitality professions. The amount of the tip is calculated as a percentage of the base rate of the charter. If the charter is All Inclusive, then it is calculated on the entire amount but not any of the extras like a delivery fee or tax. If it is a Plus Expenses charter, exclude the APA when you calculate the gratuity. The percentage is typically 10-15% in the Mediterranean and 15-20% in the Caribbean. It should be adjusted up or down within the range according to the level of service provided. Find more guidance on gratuities by visiting our How Much to Tip on a Private Yacht Charter? blog.

Trip Insurance

We strongly advise you to include the cost of trip insurance in your charter planning. The cost of insurance will depend on several factors, such as the length and cost of your yacht charter and the state in which you reside.

Purchase trip cancellation insurance to protect your travel investment from unforeseen events such as illness, changes in employment, flight cancellation, etc. prior to your charter. Medical insurance will cover any costs associated with a member of the party requiring medical attention while traveling.

Caribbean Plus Expenses Pricing Examples (Weekly Rates)

  • Christina Too 68’ Power Catamaran for up to 8 guests: $43,000 - $45,000 + 30% APA + Tax (varies depending on the destination) - Location: St. Martin.

  • Outta Touch 105' Motor Yacht for up to 8 guests: $65,000 + 35% APA + Reposition fee to St. Maarten $6,000 (optional) - Location: USVI.

  • Beachfront 108’ Motor Yacht for up to 8 guests: $75,000 - $80,000 + 35% APA + Bahamas Tax 14% - Location: Bahamas.

collage 6 fotos (3) (1)-1671129918.pngChristina Too, Outta Touch & Beachfront.

Contact our brokers today to start planning your yacht charter vacation! Our team of experts are ready to assist you to fully understand the price of your charter, obtain a trip insurance quote, or provide any other assistance for planning your charter.