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2019 BVI Charter Yacht Show & USVI Charter Yacht Show

by Kim Koditek on Dec 04, 2019

2019 BVI Charter Yacht Show & USVI Charter Yacht Show

The 37th Annual BVI Charter Yacht Show and the 2019 VIPCA USVI Charter Yacht Show recently took place from Nov. 6-9 in the British Virgin Islands, and Nov. 11-14 in the U.S. Virgin Islands. More than 45 crewed yachts and 117 charter brokers from 12 countries attended the BVI Fall Show at Nanny Cay Resort & Marina, while more than 70 yachts, including 80-foot catamarans and larger motor yachts in the 100- to 150-foot range, and more than 100 charter brokers were present at Yacht Haven Grande Marina at the USVI Show.

Both shows were hugely successful, and the presence and abundance of charter yachts and supporting charter brokers were impressive. Popular highlights from both shows include the BVI Fall Show’s winners from their “Best in Show” and “Culinary Contest” competitions, while the USVI Charter Yacht Show caught attention with their own renditions of the show’s “Competition Winners” and “Culinary Competition.” 

The judges for these competitions looked a variety of criteria when judging both the yacht itself and its crew. Some of the criteria that were reviewed included:

  • Cleanliness/Tidiness

  • Charterability

  • Personal Touches

  • Subjective Analysis

  • Greeting

  • Attitude

  • Likeability

  • Energy/Passion

  • Self Presentation

Below are the winners for all four competitions from both shows.

BVI Charter Yacht Show: “Best in Show” 

Best in Show: Tellstar; Crew: Jack Gorman, Jaimey O'Leary, Jake Archibald 

The crew aboard 77' TELLSTAR walked away with the Best in Show award for this year. Judges of the Best Yacht in Show contest remain anonymous throughout the event. They take into consideration the whole spectrum of qualities that make a yacht and crew a winning charter combination.

Best Multihull over 56’: Port to Vino; Crew: Jeff & Caitlyn Nichols

- Runner Up: Altesse; Crew: Stefan Huebbe & Chloe Chand

Best Motor Yacht: Angel Eyes; Crew: Darrel Hearne, Jenn Hart, Jenny Gulland, Remi Leclioz

- Runner Up: Sea Boss; Crew: Nathan & Laura Kurton


BVI Charter Yacht Show: Culinary Contest

Best Dish Overall: Nia Mora; Yacht: Jan’s FeLion

This year's top culinary prize goes to Nia Mora aboard 64' Motor Yacht Jan's FeLion. Nia's combined passion for food, travel, and photography helped her take first place in the contest which was sponsored by Moet & Chandon distributed by Caribbean Cellars. "Under the Sea" was the 2019 theme.

Best Appetizer: Fabiola Hirschhorn; Yacht: Luna

- Runner Up: Philippa King; Yacht: Mystic Soul

Best Lunch Entree: Nia Mora; Yacht: Jan’s FeLion

- Runner Up: Ed Stacey; Yacht: Zingara

Best Dessert: Hannah Staddon; Yacht: Mucho Gusto

- Runner Up: Vernice Simon; Yacht: Felicia

Best Cocktail: Nim Hirschhorn; Yacht: Luna

- Runner Up: Maya Soueidi; Yacht: Santa Ana

- Third Place: Ed Rowe; Yacht: Grande Dame

USVI Charter Yacht Show: Competition Winners

Best Themed Yacht Hop: Blue Pepper

Best in Show (up to 55’): Karma

Best in Show (56’ to 65’): Blue Pepper

Best in Show (66’ and up): SeaGlass

Best Crew in Show: Daniel & Hazal Brown; Yacht: Azulia II


USVI Charter Yacht Show: Culinary Competition

1st Entree: Desree Pierce; Yacht: Amazing Grace

2nd Entree: Jade Konst; Yacht: Xenia 50

3rd Entree: Blair Barbour; Yacht: Mahasattva

1st Dessert: Desree Pierce; Yacht: Amazing Grace

2nd Dessert: Denise Melton; Yacht: Blue Pepper

3rd Dessert: Jade Konst; Yacht: Xenia 50

Best Stoli Cocktail (sponsored by Stoli): Catatonic

Best Captain Morgan Cocktail (sponsored by Captain Morgan): Columbia

Dates for next year’s 2020 BVI and USVI Yacht Charter Shows have not yet been announced; however, another major charter show, the Antigua Charter Yacht Meetings, is set to take place Dec. 4-9, 2019 at Nelson’s Dockyard Marina in English Harbour, the Falmouth Harbour Marina and the Antigua Yacht Club Marina both located in Falmouth Harbour.

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