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Charter Yachts in The Grenadines this Summer

by Dayle Reimer on Mar 29, 2023

Charter Yachts in The Grenadines this Summer

Looking for a fabulous Caribbean destination as an alternative to the Virgin Islands for your summer vacation? Here’s a great suggestion you’ll want to consider! 

Every year, many of the charter yachts that are based in the Virgin Islands for winter head south for summer, arriving in July and staying through October. Because the Grenadines lie south of the typical hurricane path, you can enjoy a yachting vacation in the beautiful Grenadines without worrying about the threat of storms. 

The Grenadines is a collection of 32 small islands, located between St. Vincent and Grenada, and one of the most sought-after destinations in the Caribbean. With crystal clear waters, stunning coral reefs, and pristine white-sand beaches, it’s perfect for a relaxing getaway away from it all. Check out our sample itinerary here.

This year, there is an impressive lineup of private charter yachts available for charter in the Grenadines. Each yacht offers unique features and amenities to ensure your vacation is unforgettable. Take advantage of the availability of great yachts for your summer Grenadines yachting vacation. 

Whether you are looking to sail with your family, friends, or significant other, the Grenadines is a great destination for your next vacation. Let’s take a closer look at the private charter yachts available for charter this summer in the Grenadines.

Yachts Available for Charter this Summer in the Grenadines

Starting May:

Starting July:


Starting August:

respite at sea.jpgRespite at Sea.

Starting September:


Starting October:

The following yachts are based permanently in the Grenadines:

genesis ii.jpgGenesis II.

Please note that the periods indicated above are approximate. Inquire for specific available dates!